NJ Surcharge Online Payment Guide

Step-by-step guide to Making NJ Surcharge Traffic Ticket Payment Online. I still remember paying my traffic ticket fines offline. I had to visit the court and stand in a long queue for hours before making the payments. By the time I was served, I was tired and hungry.

Luckily, things have changed. You don’t have to go through my experience whenever you need to settle a traffic ticket. You can pay your NJ parking tickets online.


How is NJ Surcharge Calculated?

The amount you pay for a traffic ticket depends on the surcharge. The New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) uses your driving records to determine the amount you pay for any penalties (surcharge) added to your tickets.

You’ll pay a $150 surcharge if you have collected six points on your driving records within three years. An additional $25 is charged for each point greater than the first six.

Note: If you gather too many points, you might pay an annual surcharge for three straight years. 

The total sum you pay for your ticket will also depend on the nature of the offense, as explained below:

  • $300 in three years for failure to insure a moped. This comes to $100 per year for three years.
  • $3000 payment for first and second DWI in three years. (That is, $1000 per year).
  • $100 charged yearly for driving with an expired driver’s license. The total is $300 in three years.
  • If you’re caught driving with a suspended driver’s license, you’ll pay $250 per year, adding up to $750 after three years.
  • You’ll pay $3000 for three years if you refuse to test for blood alcohol concentration—$ 1000 per year.
  • If you’re caught driving without a license, you’ll pay $100 per year for three years, adding up to $300.
  • $4500 for three years for your DWI if you commit an offense within three years of your second DWI. You’ll pay $1500 per year.
  • A total of $750 in three years get charged for driving an uninsured vehicle, amounting to $250 each year.
Pay New Jersey Traffic Surcharge Online

Guide to Pay NJ Surcharge Online

You can pay your New Jersey surcharge online using either credit or debit (Master or Visa) cards. However, this involves a 2-3% service processing bank fee.

Here is a complete guide to paying NJ surcharge online:

Step 1: Visit the official site for the NJ government vehicle and license database.

Step 2: When on the site, click ‘NJ Surcharges’ under ‘Penalties and Regulations’

Step 3: On the next link, “Surcharges,” click the “How do I pay surcharges’ question.

Step 4: When it opens, click the link with ‘pay with debit, credit, or e-checks.’

What are the penalties for not paying the surcharge?

Ensure you drive according to the set regulations to avoid surcharges. But in case you get caught on a driving offense, make payments in time, or else these penalties will follow;

  • Your driver’s license may be suspended, and you cannot drive anymore unless you pay the surcharge.
  • Additional surcharges and fines follow if you continue to drive after receiving a suspension from operating any vehicle on the road.
  • A delay to pay the surcharge after suspension on the set date, a Certificate of Debt is filed by Superior Court, mentioning the new fined amount.
  • Your state will use a “judgment certificate” to collect the amount you owe them without your consent.
  • The certificate restricts you from selling your property or move another state.
  • If the surcharge debt gets high, you get reported to the leading credit bureaus.

Paying NJ Traffic Ticket Online

First, to make an online payment for your NJ traffic ticket, you will need a credit or debit card, 

If you have any of the cards as mentioned above, you may these steps to clear your New Jersey traffic ticket;

Step 1: Open a browser of your choice; chrome, Internet Explorer, or safari.

Step 2: Visit the NJMCDirect.com Official Login Page.

Step 3: From the options that appear, click ‘Traffic Ticket.’

Step 4: you’ll need to provide the following details; ticket number, prefix code, plate number, and court ID/Name.

Step 5: Click to continue after you enter all the required details.

Step 6: Click ‘Process NJMCDirect Ticket Payment’ to land on the payment page.

Step 7: Enter the debit or credit details to pay the fine.

Step 8: Click the ‘Continue’ button. It will take you to a receipt page. You can print it if you want.

If you don’t print the receipt, you have 90 days to check your transaction details on the NJMCDirect payment portal.

Important Considerations 

Although it’s now possible to pay for your traffic tickets or parking tickets through the website, there are some situations where you may need to appear in court. You can pay for your tickets through the website if:

  1. the issuing officer did not tell you that you have to appear in court.
  2. The authorities haven’t issued a warrant for your ticket.

That is all about NJ Surcharge. I hope you learned a lot today.