SHAREit Alternatives for iOS, Android and PC

Nowadays most of the people are depending on the Smartphones in order to texting, taking pictures, recording videos and much more. Also, they would love to share the media with their friends all the time to have the fun. There are some applications for sharing the files such as SHAREit which allows you to move your files between computers and mobiles. So, you no need to carry the data cable for sharing the files, and the SHAREit application allows you to check the files that are shared in a particular folder.

SHAREit alternative Apps

Even though the SHAREit is a best sharing application, it has got the average user interface which doesn’t attract the users. So, if you are among them and if you want to use the best sharing application having a great user interface, then you need to read the article. In this tutorial, we are going to list out the best SHAREit alternatives so that you can try any of those on your device for sharing the files.

Best SHAREit Alternatives to iOS, Android and PC

You can also send apps or apks with these apps, such as Showbox apk and BHIM Application. Below listed apps are the perfect SHAREit alternative applications. Check them out.

1. AirDroid:

AirDroid is an android application which allows you to send the files to anyone and you can install the applications. It comes with the feature-packed user interface in your browser, and it comes with a  standard file manager. Here, the file manager is used to share the files from your computer to the device and vice-versa. Even you can find the music player so that you can play the music from the local storage using the AirDroid application. You can just drag and drop the files in order to share those with your friends.

2. Superbeam:

Superbeam allows you to share the data even if you don’t have an internet connection as it uses WIFI to send the files between devices. You can simply pair the two devices and share the files in between them by scanning the QR code appear on the screen. With the Superbeam application, you can also share the contacts in between the devices.

3. Pushbullet:

If you frequently share the documents or important files in between your desktop and mobile, then the Pushbullet app is best suited for you. It is compatible with the both platforms Android and iOS. The browser extension of the Pushbullet allows you to send the files, links, and much more stuff to the multiple devices at the same time. If you like any article while browsing the internet, then Pushbullet helps you to share that content with your friends quickly.

4. Portal:

The Portal application also listed as the best alternative for SHAREit application which allows you to share the files in between the devices. Install the Portal app on your android mobile and visit the official page in the desktop browser. If you want to share the files, then you need to scan the QR code appearing on the desktop screen and now choose the files you want to share. That’s it; now the shared files will be saved on the SD card of your Android device.


This was our article about SHAREit alternatives, and you can select any of those and try on your mobiles for sharing the files in between any two devices.