Parallel Space Apk Download – Multi Accounts & Two Face Apk For Android

Parallel Space Apk is well known as Multi Accounts application which will permit you to access two accounts on your android mobile simultaneously. Without rooting your device you can use two accounts on your mobile like Two What’s app accounts, two Facebook accounts, two Hike messengers etc. That means you can manage two accounts of the single application on an Android device. Even you can have the two accounts of your favorite gaming applications and Instagram. Check our new post how to download Showbox Apk updated file on Android devices.

In the virtual space,  the second account of ay application will run whereas in the normal device space the first account of the respective app will run. Because of this, the collision will never happen as the two accounts run in different spaces on the same device. The important thing here is the privacy of the application. Parallel Space Apk will take care of the privacy as the application will be hidden in the Parallel Space. So that tracing the device will become complex due to this feature.


The characteristics of the Parallel Space APK includes stable, easy to use, easy to functioning, and even it can run based on the first virtualized apps on Android OS known as MultiDriod. Due to the over workload, the battery of your mobile will be depleted quickly. Th RAM memory will be taken over by the parallel space as the Parallel space app is running the many apps virtually. In this tutorial, we are going to provide you the relevant details regarding Parallel Space APK along with its features and installation guide.

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Parallel Space Apk Latest Version Download For Android Smartphone

Not only Parallel Space APK allows us to manage two accounts it will also create some virtual space which is totally independent of other apps installed on your device. In this space, you can install other applications parallel without bothering about memory.

  • Parallel Space APK will allow you to manage two accounts of social media applications or any other on a single Android device.
  • This application is more compatible with the Parallel What’s app Application.
  • You can sort all the applications with the long press.
  • Previously there were several crash issues but they are fixed recently.
  • If you are a gaming lover then you can have two accounts simultaneously on your device and have more fun.
  • You are allowed to share different photos with different accounts of social applications.
  • It doesn’t consume more space on your mobile as it is small application and easy to use.
  • It is the powerful application among all other android apps.
  • When it comes to messenger applications, you can contact more friends in the second account.
  • It doesn’t take details regarding personal information of the user and is secured.

Follow the installation guide which was provided in the article to install the Parallel Space APK on your android mobile. Get back to us if you face any problem while installing so that we will resolve those as soon as possible.

Steps To Install Parallel Space Apk On Android

Step 1: Download the Parallel Space Apk file from the genuine website on your device or else you can get it by clicking on the provided link.

Parallel Space Apk

Step 2: you can easily download Parallel Space Apk file from above-given link

Step 3:  find the Apk where it was downloaded on your mobile.

Step 4: Tap on the Apk file and install it accordingly by accepting all the terms and conditions.


Step 5: Installation may take a while and after it gets installed you can open the app and create two accounts for each app and manage those effects.

In this article, we have given the proper information regarding Parallel Space APK application. This app will allow you to have two accounts of the single application simultaneously and you can manage both the accounts