Best Music Players For Android Smartphones

We need Music at every moment. Music just makes the dance to its tunes when we are delighted and make less our sorrows when we said. Whenever we are idle or feel dull after a long day’s work, we turn on some soft and soothing music which refreshes us and fills energy within our tired body.

As music is a significant part of our life, we should have an idea about some of the best musical apps which can be installed on our Android phones.

best music playlers for android mobiles

Here Are The Most Functional Music Players

  • PowerAmp

The PowerAmp android app has many useful features for which android users prefer it. Firstly, there is a free trial of 15 days with which you can try this app, and after that, there is a small amount of $3.99 for further using this app. The PowerAmp has band equalizer with lyrics feature. You can even change the look of your screen while playing your favorite songs of course.

  • VLC

VLC is an artistic, musical app which provides you music as well as perfect album artwork. In addition to this, VLC has numerous other options such as band equalizer and filter options. VLC doesn’t contain any advertisements in it.

  • DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist is a less popular music app yet fascinating one. It has music library where you can demand any track of your wish and listen. There is an additional benefit of this app as DoubleTwist can transfer iTunes which can relieve iPhone users. It is a free app to listen to your favorite songs with fresh and amazing artwork and styles.

  • Google Play Music

This music app contains nearly million of songs for your moods and choices. There are many other fantastic features of Google Play Music such as Music manager by which you can transfer all your favorite songs to Google Cloud. Another feature is cloud storage where you can search your track among many other tracks.

  • BlackPlayer Free

If you want a stylish, ad-free yet something awesome, then BlackPlayer Free is definitely for you. You have the extensive list of songs on this app which you can play it by just swiping it up and down. In addition to this, this app has band equalizer, bass booster, widgets and fantastic artwork which drive you crazy for the music indeed.

  • Equalizer Music Player & Booster

The word Equalizer inevitably goes with music, and so does this app. Equalizer Music Player & Booster is an android app which has too many nice features which will make you love music all the more. The volume booster, track search options, bass booster and lots more are the characteristics of this music app. However, Equalizer Music Player & Booster is not a free app but involves some payment for its services.

  • Shuttle

Whether you search for a song by a movie or an artist, Shuttle consists of all that you choose. This app has endless tracks which you want to hear. Gapless playback and volume booster are the cool features of this application. There is a charge of $0.99 if you want some additional features.

So now that you have the list of best music player apps download any of them and groove to your lovely songs.