Kaspersky For Windows 10

Kaspersky Antivirus is a well-built and robust pack of anti-virus that cushions your computer from viruses, harmful folders as well as caution you about dubious websites. Due to this, it’s highly rated on sites such as AV-Comparatives. More importantly, it’s very user-friendly even to an entry-level computer user. If you are searching for reliable and robust anti-virus software, then this is it.

Pros of Kaspersky Antivirus

  • *Protects computers from the most prevalent viruses and dubious websites.
  • *It has an enhanced defense against malicious apps.
  • *Provides comprehensive protection for your devices ranging from computer, tablet to a cellular phone.
  • *Safeguards your privacy.
  • *Cushions you while making financial transactions online on your PC or phone.
  • *Swift Scanning.

Cons of Windows 10 Kaspersky Antivirus

  1. *It doesn’t have child control.
  2. *It doesn’t protect photos and music on your PC.
  3. * Computer swiftness slows down upon installation as per some users.
  4. *Harmony between its firewall and anti-spam needs to be reinforced.

Kaspersky Antivirus Features on Windows 10

Its features include;

Scan: comprises of  ‘Quick’ which allows for a brief scanning, ‘Selective’ that enables you to carry out a specific scanning and ‘External device scan,’ you only need to run the one that suits you.

Database Update: Kaspersky internet automatically runs updates, but you can also run an update manually.

Safe Money: Kaspersky protects your financial transactions online when using a PC or a mobile phone.

Privacy Protection: This protects your behavior online from being monitored.

Parental control: Once you log onto the Kaspersky free Antivirus website, you can set child control.

My Kaspersky: This offers you an opportunity to monitor your devices from far.

User-friendliness: Kaspersky is a straight-forward anti-virus that doesn’t require any training, and any computer conversant person will be able to install it.

Price of Kaspersky Antivirus Windows 10 Home PC Version

  • Its prices are as follows;
  • Anti-Virus: Retails for $ 39.95 for a single device per annum
  • Internet Security: It goes for $59.95 per annum for a single device
  • Total Security: The price is $79.95 per annum


It’s highly reputable and ranks among the best anti-viruses in terms of virus detection, virus elimination, and protection from dubious websites.

Kaspersky Antivirus Support

Kaspersky has a comprehensive support page on its website if you need some online  assistance or How-to video, knowledge base and product support lifecycle

How to Download Kaspersky for Windows 10

At this point, you will need to choose what package of Kaspersky you need from the following;

  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Total Security
  • Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky AV Review

If you frequent the internet, then I’ll recommend Kaspersky internet security to you.

At this point, you may decide if you want first to enjoy the 30 days free trial or proceed to buy the premium version.

Suppose you have Kaspersky internet security or Kaspersky anti-virus ( version patch D) on your PC after you  upgraded to Windows 10,  a message will pop up that will require you to download a model of Kaspersky model that is workable with windows 10


There is no doubt that Kaspersky is a reliable protection suite with enormous diagnostic capabilities and multiples functions for users. Similarly, it cushions against anti-virus or dubious websites getting access to your gadgets. On the basis that it very user-friendly, robustly designed, it has multiple functions and fare on very well, I’ll highly recommend it to you if you are are searching for an anti-virus.