Google DUO: How It Gains 100 Million Installs Worldwide

Video calling is an amazing and fantastic way to get in face to face with your friends and relatives staying miles away from you. It is a live and exclusive coverage of your day to day activities which you certainly want to share with your loved ones. Video calling is a great facility to keep in touch with your every friend to whom you cannot meet each day.

Google DUO Video Calling is an application which serves your purpose of video calling. It is simply an app designed for your convenience and comfort. This app is made for your android phones and iOS devices, and the procedure is straightforward to install it.Characteristics of Google DUO

It is an application by which you can chat live with your best buddies, make phone calls, take screenshots and share many other beautiful images with them. Download best Video downloader for Android from this website Tinyfluidgrid.

Characteristics Of Google DUO Video Calling App

  • It is a straightforward and convenient app to be installed on Android and iOS devices.
  • You can make a video call in a much-sophisticated manner and on a better screen version as it offers the facility of making video calls in 720p.
  • You can make both videos as well as audio calls from the numbers which you have saved on the contact list.
  • A safe, secure and reliable source for making video calls together with screenshots.
  • An excellent “Knock Knock” feature to show you the notifications if someone wants to chat or make a video call.
  • It just needs a WiFi or a good internet connection.
  • It provides you the relief of talking with your best and loved friends for hours and also watching them live on the android phones.
  •  It is a live video chat application, and for this reason, many people use this app.

Google DUO Video Calling App Success Story

Google DUO is introduced in the year 2016 in the whole world. With its release date, the app gained high popularity quickly among millions of its fans because of its fresh and impressive features.  You can make a video call with anyone near or far with just one touch.

Now, you can make a live video of any function, party or occasions to show them to your friends and relatives. You can’t do a video call but also take images and share them while having a call. Whenever you miss your parents badly, make a video call from Google DUO app, and it instantly connects you to your home, and then you can share all the live videos and images of the places which you visited.

During the weekends, you can make a video call with your cousins and share your golden moments of long talks. You can enjoy a continuous live video chatting with anyone on your contact list. The most important feature of Google DUO Video calling app is it is absolutely a free app and therefore, many people love this app at the most.

So now, have as much as you can with Google DUO video calling app. Share pictures and have endless talks with your loved ones in one click.